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Formulation Development

Innovative solutions for drug candidate

Nextar pharmaceutical development team offers a wide range of pre formulation and formulation development to achieve an effective dosage form. Nextar will help you dissolve your formulation problems by using new solubilization techniques to enhance the bioavailability of your drug candidates. Formulations are rationally designed and developed to ensure and enhance product stability and meet the specific product specifications defined by the client. Appropriate excipients and ingredients are selected, compatible with the drug  preserving its pharmacological efficacy within the dosage form. Simple solutions enabling massive production, in the future, are being sought.

Nextar offers an Integrated Bioavailability Package involving formulation development plan for poorly water-soluble drugs combined with preparation of test articles for bioavailability/PK assessment in rodents or large animals to identify the best prototype for further development:

  • Formulation development of injectables, topical creams, ophthalmic solutions, suspensions, emulsions, capsules, tablets, foams
  • Reformulation, repositioning, repurposing of generic drugs
  • Formulation development of innovative New Chemical Entity ( NCE), cytotoxics and biologicals
  • Improvement of solubility and bioavailability
  • Taste masking
  • Preparation of  test articles for preclinical efficacy/toxicity studies

Nextar`s formulation capabilities include a systematic approach to develop the most appropriate formulation through:

  • Ionization of functional groups and salt formation 
  • Drug complexation with cyclodextrins 
  • Formation of stacking complexes to increase drug solubility 
  • Drug dissolution in water-miscible cosolvent systems 
  • Micellation by non-ionic-surfactants 
  • Self-emulsifying drug delivery systems 
  • Nanoencapsulation in lipid-based drug delivery systems (liposomes, oil-in-water emulsions) 
  • Formulation of peptides and proteins using pharmaceutically acceptable solubilizing excipients 
  • Drug repositioning through new formulations or delivery systems for existing drugs