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Dr. Hilla Ben David

Hilla Ben David


Dr. Hilla Ben David served in various positions in the public service. Hilla  Hilla served as Head of Medical Division of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC) between 2005-2012. Before joining ISRAC, Hilla served in several roles on National Public Health Laboratories of the Ministry of Health, including four years as General Director (2000-2004). After retiring from public service, Hilla became a freelance consultant, advising state-owned and privately-owned labs, multi-centre R&D groups, users of laboratory services, national laboratory accreditation authorities (both local and worldwide), academic institutions and regulatory agencies.

Hilla is an expert in regulatory affairs, quality management, experimental design, and testing (metrology). She holds a PhD in Cell Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed her postdoctoral studies in the Department of Plant Biology, University of California at Berkeley

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