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Chemistry Services

Rapid development of new drug candidates

Custom synthesis is required for new drug candidates' development as well as for identifying impurities, degradation products of known drugs and analogs.


Our experienced chemists can help you fulfill your needs and aims through robust and streamlined processes. Preparative separation is available for purification of synthesized molecules and related substances.

Services for you

  • Synthetic processes for the preparation of lab-scale quantities of:

    • New Chemical Entities (NCE)

    • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

    • Pro-drugs

    • Analogs

    • Intermediates

    • Impurities

    • Metabolites

    • Degradation products

    • Reference standards

  • Compound optimization using structure-based drug design.

  • Custom synthesis of small libraries based on scaffolds to improve pharmacological or pharmaceutical properties.

  • Synthesis of analogs for structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies .

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