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Nextar Chempharma Solutions Ltd. Is a service contract organization, in the field of development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  Our purpose is to give chemical-pharmaceutical solutions to those requiring outsourcing services.

The company supplies a large range of services, starting with formulation development, organic synthesis, analytical services (development, validation, and QC services), and production in clean rooms.  The company has the required licensing and regulatory approvals to develop and produce drugs for human use.

 Nextar’s commitment to her clients:

Nextar is committed to providing quality, professional, and timely service that is based on an understanding of the clients’ needs and suitable solutions for the intended use.  The company is committed to finding creative solutions with personal escorting.



To aid humanity by assisting with creative solutions in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry.


Uncompromised professionalism

Nextar employs the best professional workers in their field and acts to continue their training with respect to the tasks they need to perform.  The combined experience of our workers is at the disposal of all our customers.  Our staff will study each of our customers’ requests so as to provide an open, unbiased, and professional answer to a number of questions:

1.      Will the customers’ requests serve the stated purpose of the project?

2.      Can Nextar provide the required service on time while meeting the quality standards required by the customer?

3.      Is Nextar working in compliance with the regulatory requirements  suitable for the intended use and the desired target market?

4.      Can Nextar perform the work in a timeframe that meets the customers’ needs?


Decisions on projects performed at Nextar will be based on  professional considerations.  The customer will be consulted in order to best meet his needs and options while protecting the safety of the end users of the products.


Nextar measures, and monitors our performance on different projects and the satisfaction of our customers.  The lessons learned are applied to the following operations.

Meeting schedules and deadlines

Nextar is committed to:

1.      Respond to customer within one day.

2.      Send new proposals within a week of receiving all the relevant information.  In complex cases requiring more thorough and in-depth understanding of the process, the time frame for receiving the proposal will be coordinated with the customer.

3.      Send the summary report for customer audit within one month of completion of the audit.

4.      Respond to customer complaints within two weeks of registering the complaint.

5.      Initiate investigations of any irregular event immediately upon its discovery.

6.      Report any deviation event within two working days.

7.      Report the progress of the project once a week, directly or by mail including update on the time invested in the project.

Code of conduct

Nextar staff will treat the customers with respect and sensitivity to the customers various needs.  Nextar staff will present their position courteously and professionally.

Ethics and integrity

Nextar and Nextar’s staff are absolutely committed to non-disclosure of information pertaining to Nextar’s customers.  The company provides equivalent treatment of all our different customers.

The reports and results are transferred to the customer in a format that does not permit changes.

The company staff is committed to acting in a professional and ethical manner.


Nextar maintains transparency of all information related to  its customers.  All the information, related to the project, is made available to the customer.

Nextar allows customers to perform audits either before or during project performance.  The extent of the audit depends on the scope of the project.  Every client will receive in advance the company visiting guide.  Nextar SOP’s and documents related to the project will be presented for review.


Official working hours are 08:00-17:00

We may be contacted by

Phone: 073-2244444

Fax: 073-2244445


Through our website:

Response to e-mail requests will be within one working day.

Meeting requests will be transferred to the secretariat. A phone or e-mail response will be made within two working days and a date for the meeting will be set within one week.